How to Register on website?

Immediately after registering on our official server you can login here with the in-game username and password.

Server DNS:

Accessing The Server

Step 1:
Open the game, and go to the Multiplayer section.

Step 2:
Select the Add Server button. In the Server Address section you need to enter: Click Done.

Step 3:
We will click on the server to select it, and then click on the Join Server button. If the name is available, you will be prompted to enter the command /register <password> in the chat. Otherwise, /login <password> will appear. If the name is already registered, you will need to log out and join with another name.

Step 4:
Now that we have registered (respectively logged in) we can enjoy the server. To choose one of our sub-servers to play, we can right click with the compass in hand and then choose the desired server (you can also use the /menu or /servers command as an alternative).

That's all! Have fun :)

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