• NEW Implemented EKShow
    Now you can show your items in chat by holding the item and typing [i]/[item] or {i}/{item}


  • We added a new command: /discord.
    - This will show our discord invitation link in chat.
  • Implemented a custom BossBar message.

  • Quests
     1. Reworked the visuals for Quests.
     2. Restructed Quests alltogether.
     3. NEW Implemented a new Daily EnderDragon Quest. (Reward:3 Quest Keys)
     - We want to make our players feel awesome when they are doing quests on our server, so we decided  to redesign them and also add a new one 😁

  • Holograms
     1. Created an Online Players Hologram (Survival)
     2. Created an Essential Informations Hologram (Survival)
     3. Created a Important Warps Hologram (Survival)
     4. Created a Top Voters Hologram (Survival)
     5. Created guiding holograms through spawn area (Survival)
     - With added this feature in hopes that players would feel much better exploring our spawn and find   out more informations about surviving on our server.


  • Warps
     1. Created /warp [rtp,end,nether,enchant,pvp,shop,quest]

  • NPCs
     1. Implemented a Shop NPC at spawn.
     2. Implemented a Quest NPC at spawn.
     - Now you can acces the /shop and /quests commands from these NPCs 🧐

  • Changed the Teleporter Skin.
    - You gotta look more classy dude...


  •  Protection
     1. Changed the /rp tutorial command.
     2. Changed the item-type for protections. (tipped_arrow)

 - Fixed FarmRod drop from Crates.


  • Color scheme change for AnnouncementsEKE and EKAuction.
  • More range options for the Teleporter.
    - We decided to keep the range options on $0 so that new players have a chance to extend in a much larger area.
    - Distances: 2500 , 5000 , 10000
  • Rewards for TopVoters(First Vote, All Sites Vote and Party Vote)
  • Increased the protection limit.
    - 7500 / 30000 Blocks
  • New messages for join/leave.
  • New rewards for Quests.
    - We revamped the Quest Reward System and added a couple of Daily Quest with Quest Crate Keys as rewards!
  • NEW Implemented EKEnchants (/ee)
    - This is our new feature which makes our server unique and awesome.We decided to call it: EKEnchants.We had a lot of ideas with this one,and we want to focus on it as much as it possible to do so.As for other details, you will need to discover for yourself!


  • Fixed out of spawn travel glitch. (Thanks Leafs 👍 )
  • Fixed /sethome bug in spawn.

For the time being there are no updates!

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